BD Engineering is a group of partners leveraging many decades of engineering and manufacturing experience. The group is focused on engineering aluminum structures leveraging the advanced joining technology – Friction Stir Welding (FSW) and Custom Aluminum Extrusions. We have supported the implementation of FSW to a broad range of applications and industries, just a few projects outlined below. This makes our group uniquely qualified to develop new aluminum deck products with structural performance never seen before.

Eclipse 500 Jet
Barrel and domes

NASA Space Launch System – Barrel & Domes - 100% FSW

Eclipse 500 Jet
Eclipse 500 Jet

Eclipse 500 Jet - Fabricated >260 aircraft > 62,000 feet of FSW

Shinkansen Bullet train
Shinkansen Bullet train

Shinkansen Bullet Train – Fabrication - 90% FSW 


Tesla X and S – Battery Enclosure FSW at >110 IPM – 17 feet per car

STIRDECK™ is Beyond a Decking product, it is founded on the Next Generation 463L pallet design. The US DoD transport aircraft fleet wanted a new design all-aluminum cargo pallet. A four-year effort focused on optimizing the overall design and fabrication approach resulting in a more manufacturable and lower cost pallet solution.  The NG pallet is fabricated from aluminum multi-hollow extrusions joined by friction stir welding.

Aluminum pallet

Next Generation 463L All Aluminum Pallet

Amazing NG Pallet Structural Performance:

  • FSW pallet is 88” long by 108” wide (7’ X 9’)
  • Thickness – 2¼ ” thick.
  • Empty NG pallet weighs – 300 pounds
  • Maximum load capacity – 10,000 pounds
  • Flatness – within .1875” (use 108” straight edge)

THE NG 463L Pallet had to pass rigorous laboratory testing per MIL-DTL-27433G.  The DoD had 500 pallets fabricated for field testing before the DoD went out with formal RFQ competitive solicitation

First Article Testing Requirements:

  • Static load, Corner hoist, Forklift, Ultimate load, Environmental (high, low temp and water penetration, Salt fog), Point load, and weld testing

BD Engineering is leveraging this proven design and fabrication approach to develop residential and commercial STIRDECK  products for a wide range of industries and applications.

STIRDECK™ Product Launch is scheduled for the 2021 International Builders Show Virtual Event – https://www.buildersshow.com


For Your Invitation Email: Beyond.Decking@STIRDECK.com 



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